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What does CARRY stand for?

C - Cultivating

A - Aspirations

R - Relationships

R - Responsibility

Y - Youthfulness

C - Cultivating Character: We are committed to cultivating the character of our youth by instilling values such as integrity, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, care, and citizenship.

A - Nurturing Aspirations: Our goal is to nurture the aspirations of young individuals, encouraging them to believe in their abilities and inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

R - Fostering Relationships: We believe in the power of strong relationships. We foster connections that allow each youth to feel valued, supported, and part of a caring community.

R - Encouraging Responsibility: We empower youth to take ownership of their lives by setting and achieving short-term and long-term goals. We encourage the development of a sense of responsibility.

Y - Embracing Youthfulness: We celebrate the joy of youth and understand that sometimes, fun and games are essential. We engage in events and programs that allow young individuals to enjoy themselves while building bonds and uplifting one another.

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