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"CARRY the Torch"


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CARRY, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, Announces the Inaugural "Carry the Torch" Scholarship

CARRY is dedicated to empowering the diverse leaders of the next generation. We are delighted to introduce the "Carry the Torch" Scholarship, designed for youth facing educational challenges, potential school dropouts, or involvement in delinquent activities. This scholarship opens doors for youth to achieve their goals in areas such as employment, entrepreneurship, educational excellence, and civic leadership. Our mission is to guide youth toward informed, safe life choices, boost their resilience, and facilitate their progress toward their aspirations.

The "CARRY the Torch" Scholarship presents an opportunity for high school seniors and full-time undergraduate students enrolled at accredited universities. The chosen student will be awarded a one-time grant of at least $500 to support their upcoming Fall semester.

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