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What does CARRY stand for?

C - Creating

A - Astounding

R - Relationships

R - Revolving

Y - Youth



C - Character: We foster programs that help build the youth's character, which revolves around integrity, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, care, & citizenship.

A - Ability: We want to encourage youth to believe in themselves and their abilities to be anyone and anything they aspire to be.

R - Reassurance: While building relationships and honing in on skills that make each youth special, we also want to reassure them that they are unique and talented in their own way.

R - Responsibility: We like to implement a list of responsibilities that each youth would create in response to some goal or challenge they would like to accomplish short term & long term.

Y - Youth: We want to embrace youthfulness because we understand that sometimes fun and games are the answer, so we want to engage in events & programs that allow the youth to enjoy themselves while bonding together to build one another up.

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